kalayaan 03

been religiously blogging for over 3 days now. hahaha.. if you can call it, religious. been stuck in front of the pc for quite some time now. since i took an internet hiatus for a week that lasted for nearly two weeks i think....

i recieved an email update from my high school yahoo groups, and i saw a picture of my school's facade. i love it there, when i saw the picture all the memories rushed in. if i could keep all my memories in a cd, i would and i'd watch it every time. high school truly is the best time of my life. i have friends, enemies, but mostly brothers and sister who'd stick by you for the rest of your life.

we never called it regional science blah blah... rather we called it KALAYAAN. not because it is located in west kalayaan but because it gave us KALAYAAN. it gave us freedom to be oursleves. let our imaginations run wild, we literally let loose. it was in this school, that we bonded, stick together, pour our hearts out, wrecked our brains and numd our soul. you could just imagine us, cramming for every stinking test, and afterwards, laughing out loud for passing it. you could just see us, faces painted with lipstick or smothered in powder, for losing each game of pusoy dos, congregating in one of the "self-proclaimed" unisex c.r., sleeping on our made up bed complete with mattress and giant pillows with a couple of throw pillows, doing our kikay ritual in front of the full length mirror we installed in one of the lockers, and eating... eating like a family in the largest table in the cafeteria. we really are like family. even today, some are in the u.s., or pregnant, or whatever, we never criticize them nor leave them out. we love our family.

yes, there were bad times, cat fights, guy fights, barkada fights, but those things happen. but we never let that fight ruined our family. it happens yes, and it hurt, but it made us stronger, and better persons that you see today.

KALAYAAN made us who we are today. we may be psychos, angels or plain janes but we are all the same, we are family every step of the way.


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