solemn investiture


Graduate of JOURNALISM!!

much thanks to mam ching and kuya bubot for opening and extending their house and car to us, (coding ung car namin) and to the rest of the delos Reyes clan. we stayed there sunday night till monday morning.

sta. ana, manila. i wasn't able to get enough sleep there. actually i didnt sleep at all, the drunkards kept shouting and yelling curses at each other, aside from the fact that my classmates kept texting me till 3 in the morning. woke up around 5 and started barraging mg father to wake up.

i didn't have anyone to do my hair and make up for me so i "made up myself". my friends say i did a pretty good job of putting on my make up though i lack the experience of putting colorful gunk on my face. my hair was pretty ordinary. i had it straightened so it was low maintenance, i didn't even comb my hair i just put on some hair pins and that's it. im good to go

my dress was actually a long gown, before i decided to cut the skirt so it would look like a dress. my shoes are burning right now because they stopped blood circulation on my feet during the grad.

arrived early. being an o.c. im entitled to go there early, i hate being late. saw mj first took lotsa pix with her then carlo. while constantly texting jas and pas of their whereabouts.

yeah. i cried. who wouldn't. its the end of ust for me. i love ust. i love being in their. you know when you're inside the ust campus it feels so safe and secure. and you feel that you can never go wrong no matter what.

i knew i made the right chose when i enrolled.

pix from grad. i dont have much because i forgot to bring my cam with me. i only got it halfway thru the program

proud moment

early birds
yog\j and i
with issai


the perils of loving a friend

im not in the mood to talk right now. im online but my ym is in invi. im dead tired from the travels and waiting for the fucking toga. never get to spend the day with my friends, jas was on the job, pam's on her mansion. the rest was in their own endeavors. was pissed off earlier. really pissed off by the site of shitsheads. i really wanna kick their fucking arses off! shit. word diarrhea. gonna gargle me some milk....

now, well spent the day with this guy Juan Carlo or should i say spent almost all the day with him. as usual, was teasing him to mads and maje. semi teased him to danna, when we saw her walking towards the ab bldg. from what i've gathered, they're really avoiding each other. from all the same reasons. the heart.

wow. i've down that nasty road before, and it never did me any good. it fucked me up actually. it ruined a pretty darn friendship. it ruined 5 years of unadulterated fun friendship. before the bull started, i thought it really is possible for a guy and a girl to best friends without the malice. but alas! all good things must come to an end. on my end of the rope, i fell in love with him... its actually hard not to. being there with you 24/7. knowing your bad and good side. accepted you through the best and the worst stages of your lives. who can top that?! besides they don't spill, they're not melodramatic, they tell you the whole truth and nothing but! and more! they're a great movie company, well for me. i never liked romance-comedy shits im more of an action-comedy or thriller or suspense even horror! (so the date where you take me to a horror movie and when i get scared i suddenly grab a hold of you, aint gonna happen...)

anyway, that pretty much what happened to me, as far as i know, he liked me too, but got scared, we tried to save the friendship by putting it on the DL but, sad to say, it didn't work. i don't work that way. well it's a less dramatic to what happened between them. well not my problem.

whatever. im not really nosy.

grad is on monday.

holy monday. God Bless us ALL!!!




currently im looking for a good haircut for my hair and a uploading a song and watching jumong on dvd.

this is how mundane my life. still without a job and still not looking. greeeeaaaattttt... but dont worry, i'll find a job sooner than you think. whatever. i'm really running out of things to say and do. my dad had issued a gag order on me, so i won't be able to give you the details and random chorvas that's been happening here in gapo, specifically gapo politics. which is so much juicier than a hollywood-paris hilton-scandal. uuuuuuhhhhh....



more and more im seeing myself being my dad. i think i will be just like my dad when i grew a little older. actually i am like my dad, only he's more cynical, more sarcastic and less critical.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh im freaking bored!!



its so tiring the way politicians use the usual drama in order to get publicity. as we all know, chavit singson used the hostage taking earlier to "persuade" us, pinoy voters to consider him, as a senator of this forsaken country. our one vote. should we bestow upon him the power and honor of being one of the senate leader of this country?

can anyone answer me?

are we to be fooled again by this masquerade of sorts? or are we to learn the difference between reel life to real life?

i really symphatized with the kids, but the way i saw them, waving and flailing their arms, and smiling at the people... well i couldn't really blame them, i mean hey, they knew the guy, according to the people, he's a genuine all around st. nick, who just got frustrated with the way things are going in this country. i think if i ever get that hopelessness in me, i might hostage someone or better yet kill someone. (its a joke)

oh yeah i forgot! another way for jay leno to bash us into fucking pieces! hell yeah!!! the Philippines suck!! kudos to jay leno!!!

right! i'll kick his cone shaped face if i get the chance! yeah the Philippines is next in line to destruction, yeah, we're rotten, yeah we're corrupt, but we don't need your synical criticism and satirical humour to humiliate us over and over again...

oh i nearly forgot, the kids are in peril and the uzis in the background were smiling to the camera, waving their hands as if they're enjoying a nice shooting of another robin padilla movie...
instead of praying, you're all there enjoying the show....



random chorvits

last night was the first time since mara clara did i ever watch a teleserye on the Kapamilya channel. and it was Maging Sino Ka Man. im not particular about the story but i was so moved by Bea Alonzo's acting that i stayed and watched the damn show. being a theater actress i felt the intensity of her pain and love towards John Lloyds character. i can surely say that she loves him so much. in tagalog: "shet! ang galing! grabe ang pagganap!" and i can safely say that Bea Alonzo is the greatest actress in philippine showbiz. no one in her age had delivered so much intensity and emotion within a line. and i am now a firm believer of the talent and the actress that is Bea Alonzo.
cutting my hair is the next step. after the grad i will surely cut my hair. short and choppy. the one in the avp of creamsilk the blue one, her short hair, i believe that's called the vidal sasson cut, shot and bobby at the back, long and slinky at the front. but i'll add a side bangs to it.
fave photos during the baccalaureate.
because i believe that a picture best describes the emotions captured by the camera. i can never smile the same smile i did during that day, for that day is one of a kind. you may look the same but the feeling is different. that is how a smile is differed from one another.



baccalaureate images.

yoji texted me earlier asking when am i gonna start looking for a job. seriously looking for a job. i told her after holy week. i plan to spend my last decent holy week with the family in time with my celebration as a college graduate. so im not gonna bore you with the tales of my escapades of finding work, taking a test, and being interviewed. you need not know the boring and tiresome day of a jobseeker.

anyways the photos above are just some of the photos i took during the baccalaureate mass at ust, last march 23, i think i did a pretty good job of capturing the essence of being a thomasian graduate. i'll surely miss UST. i've never been this attached to my other Alma Mater but this one is the shit. i actually LIVE.BREATH. UST. i spent more days and nights inside the campus rather than at home. and i am PROUD TO SAY THAT I AM A THOMASIAN!

though the exit to tha arch of the century was rather anti-climatic because of the fact that for every stinking night, we exited that same arch. wanna see the arch well here it is:


where many great Filipino thinkers, diplomats, heroes and martyrs passed. not to forget the shitheads and crazy peeps like us!



a weed is technically a useless plant. it does not add to the beautification of the garden, it prevents flowers from blooming, it takes up useful space in the field.

a person can be a weed to. useless, taking up space and he can prevent you from blossoming.

i recently weeded out friends again. unlike issai, im not the type who'd rather suffer or should i say be a martyr for the rest of my life being friends with a person just because we spent like a year being friends. i am sentimental mind you, but if all those time, that so-called friend kept dragging and dragging me to the abyss and there are more cons rather pros in our relationship, its not worth it... a year or maybe a month of friendship is enough for me, but to continue being friends with that kind of person, its a nightmare!

a friend is someone who makes you feel you. who share laughter and pain but will continue being there with you. be contented with who you are, having afeeling that your a kid and no matter how gross or stupid you look, you know you're still accepted and loved. that is a friend.

not a person worrying about if i look good so we could complement each other. talking about totally nonsensical things, about shits and stuff. i like talking about nonsensical things but not to the extent that, that's the deepest we can ever converse. that is shit and lame.

and weeding out friends is a healthy exercise. i may not have a lot of friends but i have a tight social circle that i can goof off, laugh, be loud and insane and still feel accepted.

i'd rather have a few close and trusted friends than having a lot of superficial friends.