..... duh....

i feel that this year is cursed. it's so weird and so hot. too much angst, too much hatred, too much disgust. this year is supposed to be the year we connected, we should've read each other very well, we should've atleast master the pattern of how we think, how each of us, gets affected by what others say or do... we should've been the bestest of friends by now.

instead we go our separate ways, bashing each other directly or indirectly, politicizing everything and anything that we notice. why can't we all just get along? the four years that we've been together, we should have atleast be kind to one another. i know it' s not easy, dreaming of an utopian land is next to impossible.

sometimes i wonder, whether the writers of PHIL of the FUTURE, actually thought that the future would be peaceful in the year 2109 (i think) when, christmas, new year and every independence day of each country is replaced by one unifying holiday called WORLD UNITY DAY. wouldn't that be nice?

i'll stop ranting about peace now.... as if anyone cares.


mommy's sick today, she has a fever. it's this weird weather we're having, earlier it's hot and later in the evening it's raining. now the mayon volcano is close to erupting. lava in the hole!!!


okey, it's official... i am going to the acquintance party!

you people win.


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