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i've been a slave here. because my mom was sick, so i was the one who cleans, and cook. i even laundered my own clothes and later i'd iron them out. been through a lot of mess lately. still feeling sad from within. when it rains it really pours. that's life in the PHILIPPINES.

prelims are comin' soon. im glad that we'll only have 3-4 written exams tops.


i finally told my parents my plan after graduation. a lot of my friends have known that im really an animal lover. so i decided to be part of the wwf and animal planet team. they were looking for 6 volunteers to help them save and protect endangered species all over the world in a span of i think 2-4 months. i signed up for that, but, i declined because i need to finish my studies. after grad, i would surely grab the oppurtunity. i'd be on the 2nd batch of volunteer. imagine, i'd get a free trip around the world and save endangered animals! talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

i'm really serious about animal welfare, eventhough im not a vegetarian. but i hate leather and fur anything. i tried being a veggie-head, but i just couldn't live yet, without beef or fish. i can live without pork or chicken, i'm a meat eating girl. besides i don't have to be a vegetarian to save animals, it's not really a requirement, what's important is, i really care about animals and i really do love to help and save them.

maybe i'd be a veggi-head, in the future, but not now, i need my protein and carbs to work. or else.

i've been meaning to go to malaysia to help the turtle habitat there. if only we have the money to go there, i would really take the next flight and go there.

oh well, i'll just wait for my time to serve mother nature. i'm sure, the wait would be greatly compensated!


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