on the verdict

shortly after i finished typing my thoughts on this blog yesterday, i recieved a text message from my mother telling me that, daniel smith was convicted with 40 years imprisonment and the other 3 were acquitted.


i think the only reason that smith was convicted is to please the people who supported nicole and believed she was "raped." and the other 3 was just an "accesory" to the crime.

im sorry if i come too cold for this case, im usually emphatic about situations such as maltreatment of women and children, but this just got me crapped-up! i mean, look at the way she was "raped", where did she got hitched? in neptune club. in a club, a club where socializing is sex itself. and yeah, she's drunk. come on, i've been drunk before, but when some one threatens my well-being, my woman-senses starts tingling, and i'm snapped back to reality.

and even the doctor said, she found minimal bruising and other whatnots to classify her AS a raped victim.

bleh... enough of this... im beginning to be more critical and less of a woman if i keep on siding to the americans. says my friends.


now i am irritated. before 'twas okay for me to have no classes, but ton have no classes unannounced! that ticks me off.

i am now having a six-day weekend. wherein my school days are shorter than my weekends.


dude, hurry up i'm hungry.


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