saturday was the best. though not a lot of people share my happiness, it was all fun. met my favorite writer, novelist, and all around creative writing guru, F. SIONIL JOSE! had a chance to take a pix with him!!! to some people we looked like a granddaughter-grandfather tandem. ahahaha!! met another national artist Bienvenido Lumbera, the witty Ambeth Ocampo, and the funnyman Vim Nadera. also met, Eugenia Apostol, Jun Cruz - Reyes and a lot more.

thoroughly enjoyed a free seminar with all the great writers of our time. if i'd known that F. Sionil Jose's gonna be there, i would've brought my book of him and have it signed. sigh... NIck Joaquin is dead. never had a chance to meet him.

well photos will be uploaded soon!!!!


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