things to do before death 2

2nd part

+ see the angkor wat
+ eat a live octopus
+ cross the valley of the kings in an atv
+ fight a crocodile
+ learn french
+ eat an authentic sicilian pizza!
+ party at trinidad! trig-to-the-bone!
+ star in a horror flick with johnny depp
+ give britney some knickers (for our sake!)
+ watch a hump back whale
+ tour egypt
+ be a backpacker in australia
+ do capoiera
+ tour france following the trail of Da Vinci
+ have an indiana jones adventure
+ have a peppermint spa treatment in hershey spa in hershey, pennsylvania
+ own a Van Gogh painting
+ make salt in trapani, sicily
+ harvest a mushroom
+ witness the cherry blossoms bloom
+ ride the highest ferris wheel in paris
+ picnic in yellow grove
+ hunt like a kodiak bear
+ bob sled in antartica

... more to come


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