im such a dork. and a loser.

im such a dork. and a loser.

ichai's contemplating about her funeral and her friends snubbing each other, as a part of her circle, i don't think we'll snub each other, we'll say a thing or two then sit there in silence.


just watched the da vinci code and the omen. great, that's like a millenium ago. the reason behind the late viweing of the The Da Vinci Code, is im afraid that: my view of the book may be distorted by the film, the film will not be able to sustain the amount of satisfaction the book gave me, it will not be loyal to the book, and it will destroy my idea of robert langdon and sophie neveu.

and tantararan!!!!

i was right. i pictured robert langdon to be atleast a little scrubby looking, with a mustache and a little wrinkles... not like tiom hanks, with a hairline way beyond, and sir leigh teabing? i pictured him a little on the heavy side.... but i'll take the very regal Sir Ian McKellen as an antagonist anytime!!! hehehe!

though i liked the fact that they showed the louvre, the chapels, the paintings.. oh so divine... i swear if i ever get enough money, i'll tour Le' Paris and immerse myself with classical culture and romantique (not the LOVE kind) architecture and surroundings.

im not going shopping. i may be too broke to even buy a pair of flip flops in paris, because i'll spend all of my dough on food and sight seeing. but who knows, i may have an extra moolah to go shopping!!! ahehehe!!


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