my not so fun christmas

dangnamit!!! it took me forever to open this crap!!!

okey. post christmas and pre-new year entry. incase i wont be able to go online. which is likely to happen.

christmas, wasn't spent in gapo. twas spent in alabang. in my brother's place.
felt pretty crappy. it was the first christmas that didnt feel like christmas at all. i felt crappy. i was moody. i was sleepy. i was cranky from the moment i woke up to the time i went shopping with my mom. it's as if i lost the will to SHOP! and the will to CELEBRATE christmas. the only time i ever felt good, was when we attended mass that got me so mad, because apparently the church of the lady of the abandoned (where we attended mass) had an hour long intermission. different choir sang. it was hell!!! the fact the it was an hour long and it was damn hot, damn noisy and damn crowded made it hell for me. i'm a bit claustrophobic, and a neat freak. i hate stinky places and i sure don't want noisy places. it's a church dammit! YOU DON'T GO TO CHURCH TO DATE AND TALK AND LAUGH AS IF YOU'RE ON THE SIDEWALK EATING FISHBALL WITH YOUR BUDDIES!!! YOU GO TO CHURCH TO PRAY!!!! and one thing that made me cranky that night, was the fact that i hadn't eaten for hours and was sleepy. and the damn mass aint gonna start for an hour.

so, after the mass we walked back to the house, and i slept. woke up at around 11:45 due to insistent beeping of my cellphone, greeting me merry christmas. i am this close in replying whats merry about christmas? but then decided not to. then continue reading a very depressing yet very very interesting book. NO ONE HERE GETS OUT ALIVE, a bio of jim morrison. the lizard king. IF YOU DON'T KNOW JIM MORRISON, THEN YOU'RE A FUCKING IDIOT!!! finished it that night. and ate some, then texted what i felt to people, then decided to call it a night and hope that my mood will change tomorrow.

and christmas day came. christmas breakfast and lunch at my aunts place in tondo. pretty cool. pretty cool. pretty laid back. and then it's off to the mall again. bought 2 pants. a pair of shoe. that's it.


pre new year.


my ass is forever glued to my bed and my eyes fixated... staring at the t.v. why oh why you ask?

because my dad has been drowning me with dvds of my favorite series. dr. house, csi, csi:ny csi:miami, prisonbreak, supernatural name it i have it. tomorrow, is another dvd shopping day. hope to find old movies. so obsess with oldies now. so consumed with 60's 70's acid rock and old school rock. the doors cd, which i totally love and am dying to listen to, i am listening to right now!!! so lucky my dad loves the doors! he managed to salvage their album!!!! also consumed with the punk rock, heavy metal and old school rock of the 80's and early 90's. my dad, again. saved the day. for he has in his extensive collection of records, cds of the queen, the extreme and alot more. if i find a cd of twisted sister in quiapo, i swear, i will go to mass there and kiss the poon. but damn that cherry pie song!!! ahahaha


you won't understand this entry, if you don't love the music of 60's - 90's.






looking forward to a new year.


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