things i remember

i always had it in mind when i first step foot into high school and college. it's a clean slate, a new lease on life, nobody knew me so i'll start good. but after a day or two i unconsciously change back to the way i was and when i started to change back, it's either too late or no one is taking me seriously.

you all know me as the funny biatch, comedic, frank, tactless, lively and seemed like i had no problems.

well, i do have problems and i do turn serious at times, but the case is, no one takes me seriously, if i suddenly turn the other cheek, peole laugh and says "stop, that's not you..." then what am i? how could you know? what's not me?

it's weird when people start dictating who you are and you unconsciously follow. when everyone is trying to establish their own mark on the world and you're trying to do your own, you start to wonder and follow the herd. unconsciously becoming a posse'.

sometimes you find yourself living the life dictated by your chosen field. like a stereotype artsy kid. giving off big emo vibes like "i'm not happy" or "no one understands me" crap.

don't stereotype.


time seemed to pass me by, as i look around and see people changing but me.


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