gossip is fun

yesterday i was out, i went to my friend sharon's house to catch up on things and to meet her new lovely baby girl. we did a lot of catching up and been talking about a lot of stuff. of course we gossiped. what's a girl to do? talk about themselves? we are no prudes here, girls gossip and it's so much fun, no matter how many times you try to deny that you don't do gossip, it will eat you up. i swear if i were the gossip fairy i would make a spell for any girl who'd deny she never or not going to gossip for her entire lifetime would eat her own tongue and cook their own brains out. gossip is a girls oldest hobby. ahahaha!!

hey men gossip too you know. guys gossip as much as any girl. what do you supposed they do on boys night out? drink beer and get wasted without taking? definitely not! they talk about cars, sports and girls.

okay i got sidetracked here and got carried away. i just remember someone some jurassic years ago.

anyway, we were gossiping about people from high school from elementary, college and of course, things that passed me by when i was in manila rattling my brains out to study shits i know i'm gonna forget as soon as i get my diploma.

also saw jeantle there with her better half, saw ate frances, jeantz mom, and ate amy, and sara, sharon's mom and sister. i was surprised they didn't forget who i was, it's been ages since, i last went to their house.

it's a good thing sharon's home schooling, with her child and all, atleast she kept studying unlike people i know who got pregnant and decided to stop studying once and for all. she was demanding me of lending her my "prized collection" of (whatever laugh all you want) tagalog pocketbooks. because she nothing better to do, watching, her child, feeding her, this and that, but babies sleep all day, so what is she gonna do when her child is asleep? watch the ceiling and hope for world peace? i don't think so. so i'm gonna lend her my pocketbooks.

it's weird in a way because i read tons of tagalog pocketbooks but i never seemed to learn any tagalog words, remember the last entry about sangkalan? yeah, i am dumb.

so i think the rest of this entry will fill my live journal because my dad is starting to nag.

the rest is there, if i feel like typing later. if not, it's stuck in my head. later!


i hate sho for posting that picture of us on the stairs i look so horrible!


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astig kaya yung pic.

k period smiley


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