i have been sleepy as hell would want it. i am so dead tired of the things that's been happening around me. i've been staying at my parents room for the two days i've been here, sleeping, eating, watching t.v., sleeping and sleeping and sleeping... my mom was half mad and half worried, she said she didn't had a chance to clean their room and was worried because i've been so sleepy lately, even in church.

i think this last two months would really burn a hole on my head and my wallet. too much work, toomuchtoomuchtoomuchtoomuch! come sembreak i'll probably work and not rest, need to earn money and of course practice my journalistic and broadcasting skill...

i had an e-mail before from max lifestyle, and i think i'll probably work there as a free lance writer, i'll pass a resume' at GMA, Summit Media (eventhough they crushed my dreams of workign there for ojt), STV-6, even radio stations i'll pass some... i hope the docu drama we're working on will win, so if ever, i have something to brag about on my resume'... hahaha...

speaking of resume' i think mine sucked last summer for ojt, specially the pictures... blech! i looked like a sauteed lobster with too much oil and butter.


mom's making me do her "poster"... hey what the heck! i'll do it! i love my mom!


GO USTE!!! 5-peat! come on! TOP THAT!


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