walking bruise magnet

alas! i am here, at home alone and bored. mom and dad left me again, mom went to sta. cruz dad went somewhere, and i am stuck here, but im gonna go later, gonna visit my friend sharon. oh well, i have enough food.


i am sore all over, i fell on the ice skating rink and on the jeepney, so my whole upper body is so sore, muscle aches all over... i can barely move my right arm which i used to anchor my fall on the rink, which caught a big purple bruise that looked like the island of palawan. seriously... i just got the bruise on my leg healed and now this... am i walking bruise magnet? and when i fall off the jeep, my whole tailbone down to my ass is aching, but total rest and being bedridden for a whole day cured it, though i could still feel little aches when i move.

but nonetheless i feel fine.

yesterday was my aunt's birthday, we had tons of food and up to now im still full, my cousin's bf went over here and bought the new cake advertised by Red Ribbon, so deliciously divine and yet so sickly sweet. uhm... i wish i could eat some more but my throat and tonsil's are so sore from all the sweet that i have to drink a gallon of water to calm my nerves.. ahahaha...

i even got a sugar overdose that after a while i fell asleep and became dizzy. ahahaha! too much food consumption, okoy and cake do not go together. remember that.


my cam whoring days are back! we finally have the replacement of my camera!!! ahahaha!! so pleased! it's in blue too...


waaahhh!! my mom and dad got hooked on playing gameboy advance that i didn't have the chance to play 'em last night till this morning... and when they gave it to me, i have to charge it. waaahh!!!



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