another post-birthday partum

new acquisition!!! just bought it for Php 284!! BARGAIN!!!

my brother bought it for me, for my birthday, i was having a hard time choosing between OF Lovers and other Demons by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Haruki Murakami's Sputnik Sweetheart... and the big winner is........

it's been awhile since i've been engrossed with such a good book, and honestly after reading 3 chapters i can't put it down, i've read the Wind-up Bird Chronicles and got hooked on haruki. im planning to buy Haruki's full collection in it's original paperback cover, because i saw, a new version of the Norwegian Wood paperback, and didn't like it. i like the simplicity of white. hahaha!! also saw, a new version of the paperback cover of Gabriel Garcia Marquez' of Love and other demons, it's Php 50 less, but i'd rather buy the original and more expensive one, even if i'll be broke for months.

this Haruki Murakami book, made me see myself again.

i was lost. this book made me see myself again.

back when i was known as JULIE, not Julai, not dude, girl or martin luther king jr. just julie. the Julie who saves up her money just to buy a new book, the julie who starves herself in school to buy a new book, the julie who would tread the scorching heat without an umbrella, just to get to the nearest bookstore...

that was me... i didn't care much about the world, i couldn't care less about fashion or t.v. or whatever. i think i would crawl back into that hole and be that again. be Julie again.

besides, it would help me in polishing up my vocabulary again.


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