of bruises and pains

it's hard to hear all the backstabbing and dirt that's been dugged up on your shityard. especially coming from people close to your heart. it's a general thing i presume. it's a natural occurence among friends, families and other animals. people are saying they're not be-traitors, but at the end of the day, you would simply hear them slowly impaling you. crushing your vertebrae and tangling and snipping your nerves as if there is no tomorrow. and when tomorrow comes, they'll be succulently sweet that it's getting hard for you to swallow them. and after that, another emotional draught is coming.

why not just quit and let go of other people? because we can't. we can never live alone, we will always stay with our "friends" or "families" no matter how poisonous they are, or how sick you feel of them. they will never leave and you will never leave them.

ladies and gentlemen,
this is the cycle of life.
this is the real world.
you can never trust another person,
you can never share another secret.

this is you and me...
this is the world we live in.

fear it.
love it.
embrace it.

there is no escape.


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