new years

wow. 2006 has left the building. finally.

2006 was:

+ full of unnecessary drama
+ bitching
+ uncontentment
+ anxiety to us, graduating students
+ jealousy. cmon. don't be fake. you're all so jealous you cant talk
+ re-evaluations of friendship standpoint
+ hectic-bizzarre-erratic work schedules
+ truthfulness and lies
+ love abloom
+ sincerity at its worst
+ selfishness
+ hanging out
+ passing out
+ failures
+ success
+ natural disasters + man made disasters = death
+ moving out
+ harmony
+ cha cha!
+ a promise of a better year
+ ....

so long and dont ever gloom my day.


note: sarcastic shit ahead

to all of you. y'all know im not really capable of showing genuine caring and loving and apologetic emotions so think of this as an emotion. just an emo. without an adjective or verb accompanying it. so here goes.

thank you. to all the shits y'all put me through. without it, i may be weak as a new born chick.
thank you. for all the kindness and patience with a shithead like me.
thank you. to all the bitches and bastards that ruined my 2006. i'll get back.
thank you. to jerry bruckhiemer and anthony zuiker. without them i will be lost.
thank you. perez hilton. for all the hollywood shits.
thank you. britney for wearing underwear.
thank you. great authors of books.
thank you. thank you. thank you. 2006. will bringing me closer to adulthood.


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