was "hounded" by saisho about updating my blog. haven't updated yet, because of schoolwork. so here i am. squeezing a little time for my blogging.


recieved another newsletter from wwf. inviting its members for tours. i got the serengeti tour, the one with the cheetahs and the tigers, the bajan tour, (which i absolutely lurve!) about the whale phenomena that happens once a year around february, and the takai and mali tour, about the toucan birds of the amazon. again, another oppurtunity for me to pass up. i wish i graduated already, so i can start my volunteer work for these organizations. i so badly wanted to come with them..

if anyone whose kind and generous enough to sponsor me, please do so, it's for a good cause..


been studying the history of noontime/variety shows in the philippines, and found out that it originated in the vaudeville shows of the us. wala lang sidetrip lang...


come monday, we'll be having two test. and the rest of the week is free. hahaha!!! some vacation!!! pay my tuition on tuesday.

my cam is still busted, but it never stopped me from cam-whoring last saturday! acquintance party!!! WALANG TULUGAN!!! hahaha! stayed at starbucks till three and macdonalds timog till 6, then went to mass at UST. wow. fell asleep at the dorm and woke up a little over 2. had lunch at 3 and ate dinner at 8, fell asleep again at 10.

i must admit i did have fun, but not the fun that i expected it to be, nonetheless, it was worth it, having a goodtime with friends and hanging out till the wee hours of the morning chatting the time away is a must. FRIENDS WE MUST TRY IT AGAIN!


pictures will be uploaded soon! promise!


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