doing the limbo while being a puppet.

i don't know if i'm doing anything right or im doing everything wrong.
my world is in chaos right now.
family and school work are not in sync.
feelings are dismangled.
thoughts and desired in syntax error.

only one thing is for sure
i am alive.


haven't you ever wondered why we are the way we are?
why we act in a certain way
why we speak in a certain manner

haven't you ever wondered if God
is like a puppeteer
holding us all in strings
swishing us like playing
barbie and ken
and the ones SMART enough
to defy him
gets to cut off their strings

and roam


the night...

but starving for love

when i was a kid
i always thought about being a puppeteer

being able to control the world with my very HANDS
deciding who dies and who gets a 2nd chance

maybe that's the high
dynastic politics gets..

being able to control a world
playing God amongst MORTALs


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