fat can be fabulous

i get this alot:

"you know what, you're pretty, kaya lang medyo mataba ka eh..."

i get that alot. from former teachers, now teachers, former classmates, potential suitors, people i work with, people i meet on the street, messages on my friendster.

i don't know how to react on this, would i be glad or would i be angry?

i don't know if i can place it as a compliment or a sarcastic attempt to please me.

why can't people find fat people beautiful? one time i answered back and retorted, "bakit pag mataba na di na pwedeng maging maganda? bakit lahat ba ng payat maganda?"

why do they always find skinny people so beautiful? what's so beautiful about being skinny anyway?

clothes fit them well? they have a lot of choices? they don't have to chose which color suit their frame? alot of clothes look good on them?

all i can think of in physical aspect that is, is clothes. and that they are rarely the butt of all discriminating jokes. that's it, nothing more nothing less.

but clothes? only clothes? come on! we can do the same thing, we just adjust the size!

so what if we have bilbils? so what if our arms are big or our hips are huge? so what? God made us this way... sure there is so much pressure from society now for perfection. BEING SKINNY IS NOT BEING PERFECT. being skinny is about being skinny.

i have learn to love my body just the way it is. i faced the fact that i may never be skinny ever. but so what, i learned alot of techniques to hide my flaws. my face doesn't show any sign of oncoming wrinkles because the skin on my face is tight, (hahahah) i look healthy because i don't seem to be starved by my mom. sure im prone from jokes, nasty stares, side comments and all that shit. but i don't care. im happy with just being like this. people doing shits to us are just insecure, always finding flaws on other people to appease them selves, always telling themselves that they are not miserable inside. whatever... if that is the way i can help their self-esteem, fire any joke or comments you've got. because at the end of the end, im happy and secure of the way i am. i am maybe bruised and scratched from your gun, but im not the one with a hole inside.


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