my pathetic attempt to remove beef

believe me i tried. i tried so hard. i just can't.

well since my no pork diet have been a success, (i managed to remove all pork products and viand no matter how tempting they may be, for a year) i had this bright idea of not eating beef, i gave myself, a month. and alas! i barely lasted a week!! on my fourth day, i started having withdrawal syndrome, i wanted to eat beef, i want it fried, nilaga, adobo, kaldereta, with brocolli, with mushroom, anything! ANYTHING THAT GOES GOOD WITH BEEF! i started imagining things, tasting beef and all that... OH MY GOD! i just can't live without beef.

im sorry cows, but you're all so yummy and tasty, and ah... the texture of your meat! oh so divine!

i tried i really did. i swear.

what i need is a meat substitute.

why does it have to be cows... they're so cute! i feel guilty...


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