my first quiapo nazarene experience

twas my first time ot join the nazareno feast yesterday. wasnt even thinking of going to quiapo, and yet there i was braving the plaza miranda, barely breathing and walking. being pushed around and rubbing sweat againts sweat of people i dont even wanna describe. being the neatfreak and claustrophobe that i am, you can imagine me, being dragged around with other people's sweat on my skin. not to mention, my feet being stepped on by various worshippers without their slippers on.

but luckily, i survived unscathed.

the main reason i even went to quiapo was my landlady, who happens to be a dentist with a clinic next to the church invited us.

we went there around 3 or 4 and finally reached her clinic around 5. ate a little then watched as the manila politicians and the priest's homilies battle it out to win the crowd. seriously, politicinas should have the audacity and respect, a mass is going on, they shouldn't be campaigning and talking in their respective megaphones and mics, all they're saying anyways are bullshits..

so back to my quiapo exp., after the other poons have passed, the black nazarene finally showed its face at the crowd... it was AWESOME! so CAPTIVATING. it's like christmas all over again. grabe. everyone was cheering, everyone was waving their towels/hankies, everyone was chanting viva! twas so great!! spectacular! its the first time i've ever been into these sorts of worships.. its fun. try it!


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