the oldest biatch in the book and the greek tragedy

was watching troy just now, and my gawd! i know who the oldest bitch is. according to the movie, Helen had eloped with Paris and went to Troy. Hence Agammemnon with the rest of the greek army went to Troy to "rescue" helen.

and when the part came when Hector's facing off with Achilles, she just stood there. watching. she could've volunteered and go back to her husband (though old), and stopped the goddamn war!! but nooo.... she stayed there. that biatch sure is going to Hades.

i hate her. the whole trojan-greek suffering should have been prevented if she just stuck by her own man!!

hector would have seen his baby grow up
odysseus wouldn't have left penelope for an additional 10 years!
the greeks wouldn't get lost in the sea
the gods and goddesses wouldn't have fought.
the great trojan massacre would not have happened

well, helen is really not to blame if we based it on homer's account, its really the biatchgoddess herself eros. who, was so scorned for not being invited unleashed a golden apple. yadda, yadda, yadda...

but we must remember, without these circumstances, we will not have the odyssey, or antigone. the greek tragedy is in my opinion the greatest epic ever told, even greater than the mahabharatha. i praise homer's literary soul up there! praise the greeks for their cunning intelligence!! bless plato! bless socrates!! bless these men whose brains God himself blessed!!!


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yan, everyday ka na nagpopost... yay!!

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well ganyan talaga pag walang magawa! ahahaha

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