things happen

now the grueling and horrific and definitely deadly thesis defense is now over... i can sleep soundly at night and eat meals again. upon knowing that the Master Jedi Sir Choa would be our panelist, i was constantly fidgeting... thinking that i will be dead after our thesis defense. but mush to our surprise, sir choa was pleasant and forgiving giving us advice rather than questions about it. he gave us tips on how to improve our study and told us that he will not grade our thesis until our revision.

much props to kuya niel for giving us time and effort in assisting us and helping us in our thesis, though the work is not finish yet, he promised to help us no matter what.


i told myself last saturday that i would be a bum on sunday because i'm going back to work come momday, and surprisingly my parents gave me teh whole day to just lie down and watch tv excessively, after they saw me on saturday, barely standing.

i still don't know what made me go on all throughout the 3 days, without much food, except for pieces of breadpan, gulps of water and a couple of menthol candies. i believe i was running on pure adrenalin. nevertheless my work is still half done.


my dad told me that i should take a gap month after graduation. i dont know if i would be happy or sad. he told me that i need a full rest before working again because of my condition. i told him if he wanted me to rest for awhile, he should enroll me to school again, culinary school, for atleast 6 months. or the cheapest 2 months. i dont wanna stay bum, if my body got used to not moving, it will be hard for me to work again and find work.

i told them that in a salary of a reporter/writer one needs to have multiple jobs in order to be alive. unless you work in a pretigious company where they pay you 15000 to 20000++ being the editor or a columnist of a glossy national circulation magazine.


its getting easier and easier for me to not notice the crap _ throws at me. but its harder for me to be with _. oh well...


if the enws is true that the court pulled a tro on the new unlimitxt on globe, and globe will return the original 15, 25, 50 unlitxt, the forwarding psychos like me would be happy!!!!!!! ahahahahaha!!!!


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