the end is near, well atleast for us seniors. i will surely miss the people who made my college fucked up and happy at the same time. for these people i owe you 1/4 of my life, you taught me to love more and hate less, to give in, to laugh at times when the world seemed to let go of my hand, to simply embrace life and every second of it. college is not like high school, its not carefree and lucky, its about love and and sacrifices. (at least that's how i viewed my college life.) there are no second chances or third chances after college, it is the end of my epic adventure, my crusade, my saga.

issai - i will forever be indebted to you, as you are the sister, daughter, mother, friend, cousin, aunt i never had. you opened up your life and family to me whenever i am alone. for that i love you.

maki - all those days when we felt like we were dead men walking was over when we found each other, the trust and the love will always be here with me. forever

yoj - i never guessed that we would actually be friends. thank for considering me your best friend in college. thank you for the love and support and the nega vibe that totally comes in handy.

sho - being friends with you is like being friends with the wind, cool carefree and light. we never shared a serious moment together yet i feel that i could always turn to you whenever i need you, i just need to know the time, because otherwise you're so obsessed with yourself you wont even know im there.

jas - the person i have the greatest link with. we almost almost have everything in common, from our like to dislikes to crushes and favorite movies. i always tell issai your cool, and just like me, only im harsher.

pam - the second vainest i met(sho's the first), im usually irritated with girls like you, but somehow, somewhere i connected with you, i never minded the nasal voice nor the retouches, i think, i learned to accept the fact that some people are like you and i can never change that. you humbled me.

aji - we were never that close, and you know it, yet you told me the biggest secret of your life. and i appreciated that. i never thought that you regarded me as someone that is willing to cope with it, even though you know im a h_______

mai - your spoiled little brat crudeness has always irritated me, and i got tired of it. and yet i am, still there, with you. i guessed you made me a bit more patient.

em-jeff - the nicest girl i've ever met, if i were thrown into the pit that is your world, i would have cursed and killed everybody, but you, you, remained calm, you were serene, you never ever became mad at anyone for more than a minute. i admire you.

you - you're special and you dont even know it. you are loved and you dont have any clue.


Blogger saisho said...

thanks julai. we're not super close but somehow i'm always drawn to your strong and charismatic personality. I've always said that the two of us are the exact opposite, but yet we're friends. and in good terms. i'll miss ya!!!

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