movie thing...

the hunt is on.

wow. segway. the guy infront of me, looks a lot like chito miranda.


yesterday was a total collapse of my entire body. not only did i walk 10 blocks, i walked under the blistering heat of the sun. not to mention i haven't taken a bath yet, and wearing only shorts.



serious mode.

jas and i watched 3 movies yesterday. edward scissorhands, the libertine and sleepy hollow.
all johnny depp films.


ahahaha... laughing hysterically...

jade, jas, pete, pam and i planned to a movie marathon after the thesis defense.
the movies we're going to watch, here's the list:

pirates of the carribean 3
sweeney todd
enteng kabisote
the curse of the golden flower
a scanner darkly
kasal, kasali, kasalo (jas and pam only)

i didn't know we have the same affection for gong li. the only problem we'll going to have is reading the subtitles rather than watching the film.

well enteng kabisote is a given. but i think pete would watch another film, i dont think pete is MASA material.

in kasal, kasali, kasalo, jas and pam are the only ones, who'd wanna watch it. im never the romantic-juday-crying-film watcher. never. i'd rather watch comedy or action rather than films like this. don't get me wrong, if there are juday fans out there, i watch juday's films, but not this kind. i like her in i will survive and the one with piolo, where she pretended to be pipa's mom... and other films, but not with wowie de guzman.



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