me no brain

if you've been hanging out in the y.m. world then you'd know i've got issues. i've been using the "could someone hand me some valium now?" status on my y.m. i seriously need some. okay just kidding. what i really need is a drink. i don't care whatever kind, i just want it pass down my throat and feel a really mind busting hang over.

i talked to my parents and i've settled my priorities. i talked to them about my plan after my graduation and the rest of my life, for the next 5 years. it's the first time i felt so adult. i didn't rant and acted like a bitter ol' spoiled brat. they listened to me like the time when we had "the talk". yes, my parents sat me down and talked to me about the birds and bees when i was 10 years old! (it was the most, intense and gross part of my childhood. specially the pictures, so ewwwwww....) don't want to burden my future children with the visuals.

i've set my goals. i will apply to animal planet and world wildlife organization to be one of their volunteer for animal welfare. of course i'll still practice journalism, im not gonna leave this profession behind.


i've found my old notebooks and journal, when blogging was nonexistent and lj was still in the minds of its creator. and i was appalled by my realization. in my most shocking voice ever i said, i was a better writer before! damn! i am my worst critic, but it's the truth. the most decent thing i ever wrote was close to nothing.

my vocabulary was way broader and my stories are more serious.

maybe its because i've read more books then than now. believe it or not, the only penguin classic i haven't read yet is arabian nights. maybe i need to reread every book on my list, and lessen magazines language.


i hate to admit it, but im enclosed in a mediocrity pod. i can' t breath and im suffocating. mediocrity is eating me alive. i need to find my way out and start breathing again. sucks to be me.


on a lighter note, i am going to have a toy poodle. this is how a toy poodle looks like,

aren't they cute? i love adorable dogs. im still waiting for my chow chow and siberian husky. the toy poodle will be a gift from tita millet. the landlady i met at p.noval who like me equally adores dog. she has 3 toy poodle and 1 miniture poodle, named cutie, beauty, honey and pretty. she also has a siberian husky and is planning to buy a chihuahua.


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