after the storm is a bus of reality

The storm Milenyo caught me off guard. i had no food, no water, and no battery. the last two days was as good as an experience for me, if i ever decide on joining survivor. which will not happen.

no carinderia was open, not even mcdo or kfc, ministop ran out of supply and aquasafe ran out of water. i am seriously in bad mood because, the only time i was able to take a bath was thursday and i ran out of water.

we watched as the entire espaƱa street was completely submerged in knee deep flood water meeting with the flood water coming from dapitan and p.noval. ust was an island, a very deserted island. trees falling apart, light post tumbling down, the whole sampaloc area (as my eyes can see) was a calamity.

our apartment is on the 3rd floor, but that didn't stop the rain to force itself inside the building and flooded the place.

the scariest part of the whole storm was when two steel yero was flying so close to our window that all 3 of us screamed. our clothesline was nearly ripped off, and the tent and the mini cafeteria in beato was tossed like salads.

candles were scarce, just like the uaap game 2 tickets, power was out, food. no food.

all in all i was a disaster. so as soon as i learned that the peta play we were supposed to watch was cancelled, i immediately grabbed my bag, and my jacket and went home. i don't care if i left my bed a mess, i don't care if i forgot alot of things, all i care about is me getting home to my mom and dad, with water and food and adequate shelter.

for that two days, i immersed myself with Ayn Rand's philosophy of the Self. in which yourself comes first before others. i had no choice. it's survival and sanity at stake.

but back in the bus, i realized something. that i'm still lucky, lying in my comfy bed, having a functioning toilet even without water, having a solid roof on top, and having pillows and jackets and comforters to keep me warm. unlike other people who lived near the sea, and on squatter's area.

and also i realized, how dependent we have become on electricity. how powerless we are without our 21st century gadgets. how animal instinct and human ingenuity left us when technology gave us so much. how utterly pathetic we can be without life's simple luxuries, like cellphones and ipods, internet and computers. TELEVISION.


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