get that bird!

as any self-respecting thomasian, would post something about the uaap game 1 finals on the basketball team.

ergo, this post

coaches and plays.

that one second shot was the best coaching any uaap coach has given. i must say, Normal Black did a good job. (no, not doug kramer, i won't patronize him) that was one heart wrenching shot. Coach Pido, for a neophyte coach in college basketball he did a good job, he surely gave the eagles a hard time.

that game was worth all the tears and shouts from any students from both teams. fantastic.

no animosity.

i like the fact that the ateneo and ust exchanged cheers before the start of the game. now, that's what i call a clean and fair fight. no animosity, no hostility. walang kanto attitude.


chris tiu and jc intal really did a good job! especially the one the commentator said about chris tiu, that everytime he falls, the whole crowd goes quiet as they waited if the beautiful face of tiu is harmed or not! ahahaha!!

i sure wish ust win, for jervy cruz, imagine him, putting the entire team on his shoulders and he's just a rookie. i think, jervy cruz, will give ust a lot more great moments

my bitterness.

1 sec. shot.
enuff said.


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