attention all friends!

attention to all of my friends...

please do not greet me or try to look for me on august 31st, unless we have a class on that day, then don't greet me. it's not any form of drama from me, but i just don't want to be greeted on that day. i don't feel very festive either. i have been feeling like this for the past 3 months, so please spare me the greeting. okey.... do this for me please...

it's a personal choice. a reason i don't need to share. just don't greet me ha?.... and don't treat me any special either.

if we don't have classes on that day, i'll just sleep through the day and let pass by... okey?

it's my choice. i want to "celebrate" that day quietly and as low profile as possible.

please don't ask questions...

"i'm not being dramatic here, i just don't feel like celebrating... so thank you in advance for not greeting me..."



Blogger saisho said...

ok so i'll set an alarm on my phone's calendar with the note: Dont forget to greet the bday girl... may the fors be with her... peace

8:13 PM  

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