commune and messer


was reading bryanboy's blog and he suddenly came up to the tellie. on mel and joey nontheless...


was having a 3-day texting marathon with issai. and suddenly came up with the idea of commune. living together after college.

we were sharing our plans after graduation, where we gonna work, where we gonna live (read it, ghetto style) and i said i wanted to live in an apt. in qc. not sure about the job though, and she had this brilliant idea that we live together and tag 2 more people, and they are the lucky duo of mai and aji. of course they're an obvious choice. my only condition is i can live with anyone as long as they're neat and clean. it's the same thing. but i just had to stress it. i cannot live with sloppy people. they continuously ruin my day. im a neat -freak, backed by my o.c.-ness. according to my friends in high school, im a lethal weapon.

for example:

if, the floor is white, i want to see it white, not dirty white, not putim or with any streaks of something black or whatever that came from your shoe.

i don't like cobwebs and dust. and as much as i love animals, i don't want cockroaches and rats, living with me.

and the most important parts of the house that have to be constantly clean is the kitchen and the bathroom. it should be spotless and odorless.

enough of this.

i believe it's party all the time if we live together!! haahha!!! and issai officially assigned me as the cook... no way!!!!


for the benefit of issai and mai, this is carmine giovinazzo. CSI:NY's gorgeous blue eyed detective and resident goodboy-badboy...

he smokes and has tattoos.. and he looks sloppy. and i don't like guys like that.

but the hell... opposites attract. and who wouldn't get lost in those big blue eyes...



Blogger saisho said...

How faster can time go?? It'll soon be over... I don't want it to be over yet. Lol.

12:47 AM  
Blogger dahliasatea said...

eklat ka? what the hell do you mean?!

4:15 AM  
Blogger saisho said...

I mean time flies and how faster can it go. Like now you're talking of living with our classmates and such. gets? lol

6:02 PM  
Blogger issai said...

yaaaaay commune! hahaha. dude, unless you want a fried everything diet, you better be the one to cook. hahaha.

9:35 PM  

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