7th heaven on issues about sex.

i don't feel like celebrating. two weeks into my birthday i'm still not happy and excited as i used to be. i think i'll sleep the whole day on my birthday.


interesting topic on 7th heaven earlier. they have the "no sex before, marriage" rule. and all of them followed it, except Simon(David Gallagher). i like that rule. i never really liked sex. too much work and too much sound. and i don't like perspiring too much. i'm not too fond of moving in the rhytmic carnal of pleasure. besides, swaping juices and salivas are grossing me out. seeing saliva out of some one's mouth IS enough to gross me out. (that's why i hate seeing people spitting on the streets. they could have atleast covered their mouths or turn the other way where people can't see them spit.)

back to the story.

i like that guy's logic. the one who talked to simon. he asked if it's okay for him, doesn't he feel dirty, or even sinful?

simon answered no. it's nothing, it's just physical contact. nothing much. it's natural.

so the other guy goes, " i mean, i'd rather wait you know, it's like an honor if you waited, i mean, honor is important, i was raised by a marine..."

simon says, "im raised by a minister what do you think?"

the other guy asked, "so, to the girls, it's just okey? i mean, they feel it's nothing that important, they understand it's just sex, right?"

simon: "yeah..."

the other guy again, "so if ruthie gets into sex, it's okey?"

simon retorted, "wait it's about me, not about ruthie!, she's my sister!"

guy2 said, "but those other girls are someone else's daughter or sister?"

simon thinks.

yeah he's right. the other guy is right. you wouldn't want to think that your sister is having sex with different men, right? that would be awful, just to think about it, right? but when you do it with other girls, you wouldn't think of them as other's daughter or sister... that's why you'd had sex with them. ain't that fair, huh? hahaha, think about that.

becuase when you start to think about the girl you'll be having sex with, as someone's sister or daughter, and think, what if my sister is in this situation? i think the one thing that would run through your mind is, you're gonna kill that guy for taking advantage on your sister's vulnerability... right?

that's why every girl is lucky to be in a long term and serious relationship on pure friendship and love and trust and honesty. i think, these four things are the most important part of the relationship. and it should be enough, if you really love the girl or guy, sexual intimacy isn't important, what's important is her or him. the whole package. because you fell in love with the person because of his/her own being. not because you wanted to have sex.

besides, it's more painful for us girls if we ever engage in sex before marriage. because believe me, not every girl believes it's just sex. it's not just sex. it's always more than sex.

unless some girls really do want to have sex. it's their own form of necessity. and their social influences. in their case, GOOD LUCK and PLEASE, PRACTICE SAFE SEX.


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7th heaven... sigh, good show but when will it end. lol

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