shards of glass

i thought things would still be the same, and old habits die hard, i guess i was wrong. you manage to forget all the things we've been through, or am i being too clingy on things that's not even important. i guess so. because i always hold on to the past, that's why i always end up losing. but is it my fault that the past was so incredible that nothing in the present can replace it? i guess i have to make a new set of memory. and a new set of hopes and dreams. because waiting for you is like waiting for my fat to melt on its own.

disclaimer: it's not about a guy idiots, it's about a friend. i'd rather not say that friend's gender and name, because i know my friends reads my blog. i just wanted to express my sadness and sort-of-grief.


hahaha... that's it. i just wanna laugh.... hahaha... laugh some more.... hahaha...


after two weeks, i finally felt relieved and relax... and now needing of a good book. i was at the library i think, 2 days ago, in search of something good to borrow and maybe indulge myself in. i haven't indulged myself on a good book for the past months. it's pretty hard for me to find time to even read the papers. my schedule is so hectic, that i could only squeeze a few minutes to breath, and relax.

maybe that's why my vocabulary is suffering... not reading enough makes the mind rusty. when i become a mom, i will instill in my children's mind that reading is important. it does not only, take you to places, it also empowers the mind. hay....

if i still can't find a good book, i'll reread Nick Joaquin's Woman with Two Navels. i love that book. and i wanna thank my cousin for buying me that book.


ciao' babele!


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