suddenly animated

after the grueling hard work and tiring reviews, i finally finished my prelims exam. which was pretty decent. i was extra nervous on monday, i swear i couldn't look at sir torres straight in the face, because as i've said, i passed a really crappy article. lower than mediocre. so standardish type of article. and on tuesday, i can't really open my mouth during sir candido's time, because i know i didn't study for his exam, and i know i failed.

and to my surprise, i passed both. well, i really thought that my article deserve a 3 or even a 5, but sir torres gave me a 2.5, (which i consider a mediocre grade by the way) and it was heaven. the thought of my article atleast amounting to mediocre status felt like a compliment. indeed i feel HOORA!!!

and sir candido's exam. okay i passed that as well. and i haven't failed anything in his subject. (yet)

and now, im bracing myself for my lit. crit. essay/seatwork... God atleast give me a passing grade. from what i've heard from jrn1, they got 1/20, 7/20.... and so on...

i wish i had mediocre profs...

but then again, i'd be lying if i'd tell you i don't like them. i like them a lot. having mediocre profs would produce mediocre students. and i don't intend to be one.


moving on to CSI:NY, surprise surprise! i think jerry bruckheimer is satrting a new CSI, because CSI:NJ was guested/introduced last episode. and i nearly cried... because Danny Messer a.k.a. Carmine Giovinazzo, is suddenly part of a murder. and he cried, because his brother was beaten to a pulp. i wish i could hug him then, instead of mac! hahaha!! still waiting for the aresanob thing. a shock on my life!!!


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