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when your in for a long drive and can't fall asleep, you often find yourself looking out the window and absent-mindedly staring at the vast land full of greens and domesticated animals. and amidst that scene, inside your head is a stream of unending realizations and ideas, waiting to be revealed or done. and earlier i had that experience.

i never thought i was doing it, until i suddenly realized that it's been 2 hours since i straightened my neck. i vaguely remember whatever i was thinking then, nonetheless i love the feeling.

i felt like the world stopped leaving me mobile and free of all things that worries me. i can't really explain what exactly happened but it was good.


plans are final. mai, issai and i will watch EAT BULAGA LIVE on Thursday... i so hope this will push through, because i change my mind every now and then.


my cam whoring days are soon to be back in business. i talked to mr. angelito, of SM Appliance and Service Center, regarding my digicam that in less than a year got busted. and no, it's not because i overworked it. all i need to do is show them the reciept and they'll give me a new one. yehey!! i hope to get it before my birthday, i would really want to take photos of my very depressing birth-day. mahirap walang pera sa 'pinas. and please remind me, to get it in a different color this time, glossy red is so passe'.


i am not ready to go back to manila yet. the building on which my dorm unfortunately belongs has this habit of cutting the water supply without informing their tenants. how rude. i hate them. and in my case, i really hate them. for some one who's as O.C. as me would understand that i should never be water/bath deprive. i would really go ballistic if i miss a day of shower. i am beyond cranky when i don't get to take a bath or atleast wash my feet. everyone knows that i can't sleep without bathing. or atleast - at the very least wash my polluted and scum ridden face, that manila constantly enjoys to shmuck!


as much as i love High School Musical, i am really getting sick and annoyed about Disney Channel constantly repeating it, adding a karaoke this and that, and now a dance instructional chorva! i mean cmon' yes, it's so successful and loved by it's adoring fans but stop cashing in on it already. twice is really too much. in the whole month of August, there isn't a saturday that's not dedicated to High School Musical.

and honestly, i don't like Gabriella, and Troy, though i so LURVE SHARPAY! she's sassy and stylish and yes, she always get what she wants... only a true BIATCH like me would understand how SHARPAY's mind works and how she is a total Goddess! ahahaha!!!

and on the suite life of zack and cody, i loved it even more when Troy (i forgot his real name) kissed Maddie a.k.a. Sharpay. i see, i love it when they paired up..

how pathetic, i'm a 20 year old cartoon loving-teeny bopper movie watching-grownup pretender. i am certainly cursed.


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Troy and Maddie?!?!?! I need to watch that episode!!!

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