what's happening to the world?

heat wave in america, cold wave in africa, twin storms in asia?! what's happening to the world? is mother nature finally striking back? i for one, isn't really concerned about the heatwave in america, hello?! it's the u.s. they can handle themselves, but what about the aborigines in africa, the great savannah? what about the animals?! om my God! i could just see, lions and tigers, shivering, crocodiles under the frozen river, giraffes and elephants slowly fading away. its snowing down there! people there are not use to below zero temperatures! the last time i heard about them on cnn was the death toll's increasing! i'm thinking about the people in africa, they have minimal clothing and shabby shelters, strong snow storms would easily blow them away.

this is the result of global warming, our weather's in disarray, the ozone is slowly disintegrating, and yes, we are not doing anything about it. we continue to pollute the environment and destroying mother nature.

i haven't been to africa to experience the great savannah race and african safari, and im not gonna see it in its natural beauty. the once hot and beautiful savannah...

i can feel that below the mounds of snow that covered the forest and graceland, hundreds upon hundreds of carcasses lie there. frozen solid. like insects preserved in an amber globe.


of course, we filipinos can't do nothing about it, why should we fix others problems when we can't even find answers to our own. typical pinoy.


partly obsess with paris hilton, nicole richie, nicky hilton and lindsay lohan. so freakin' obsess with young and may i say filthy rich hollywood.


in a matter of days i will soon turn in the big 2-0.
i hate that. i guess my "quarter-life-crisis" aint over yet, baby!


Blogger saisho said...

i don't like paris... but lindsay's fine, she's foxy - well yeah Paris too but she's like the total biatch, but its cool. LoL.

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