in limbo again

im still thinking... am i ready for the big world or am i gonna study again?

i really want to study again. culinary arts.


now i tell you, being stuck in gapo being a total bum is better than being stuck here in manila waiting for things to do, waiting for your barkada to call or text and waiting for gimik to arrive... with no money... its next to impossible.


was reading my past entries on my lj and i came across this line

"sana bago mo maisip na pinapalaya mo na ako, nakaalis na ako, baka kasi pag bigla mong maisip na ganon na ang ginagawa mo, baka humigpit nanaman ang hawak mo... baka hindi nanaman ako makabitiw sayo..."

i wrote this a month ago... and finally i'm free!! ahahaha!!!!


for theack of thingsto do here in manila, im spending more and more time in the ustlib. hassling on the free internet and cooling myself with the aircon. hay, i miss my student days


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