useless popculture trivias

yeah... i post updates almost everyday now, because of:
a.) lack of things to do
b.) lack of things to do
c.) lack of things to do

contrary to popular belief, vacation is tiring, you do nothing. NOTHING. maybe a little something something but, yes still nothing. you sleep. you eat. you watch tv. you eat again. sleep again. the cycle goes on and on and on. and on. so i started blogging again.

and with lack of things to do, i started analyzing movies again. and collecting the most useless popculture trivia known to man. here's an example...

did you know that mcdonald's in saudi arabia represents the whole super size me movie. you have seen a biggie fries on wendy's right? well imagine it a little bigger, that's the REGULAR SIZE of mcdonald's fries in Saudi Arabia.

cool right? whatever. i told you its useless...


Blogger saisho said...

you look so cool as pink dekaranger. lmao. kulang na lang sina red and blue. hehe.

yup yup yup. sobrang boring talaga. nood lang ako ng rerun ng one tree hill. lmao.

1:09 AM  

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