matsumoto overload

yes. you read it matsumoto. being a bum right, has opened new doors for me... for now, i am not only addicted to koreanovelas, i love jaedorama!!!

sawada! sawada! wah! im in love!!!


i now have a new project on my hands... its being a wedding planner!! since i find a certain thrill and organization gets my adrenaline pumping, my cousin wants me to be her wedding planner! aha!!! creativity hear me now! for i will suck you all!!! ahahaha!!

im serious. i really considered being an event organizer before, the want of everything organized and arranged... so me. it fits my o.c. personality.

im also a part-time psychiatrist and love doctor to my friends... so basically im a shityard. people throw shits at me and i give them flowers... i analyze people. actually my favorite hobby is people watching. i like observing people, making up stories in my head... its fun.. a little weird but fun.

to tell you honestly these are the careers i seriously thought of pursuing:

a.) child psychiatrist
b.) pastry chef
c.) genetic engineer
d.) event organizer/planner
e.) lawyer
f.) criminal profiler
g.) forensic pathologist
h.) archaelogist

im dead serious about this career, but for now i have to settle for being a part-time psychologist and one time wedding planner


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