tv bum talking: laguna beach season 3

i am currently addicted to LAGUNA BEACH right now. ah! the perils of teenage romance and the losing battle of virginity and chastity. the drama, the shoes, the cat fights! so intense. i like watching these kids. technically they are still kids compared to me.

the characters in this season are way better than the first 2 seasons...

the protagonist and the all american nice girl


the reigning queen bee of LB


uber hottie and serious... the others are all for chase and cameron well i love kelan!!!!

the rest of the crew is cami, lexi, breanna, chase, cameron, and rocky

photos courtesy of justjared


grad is on its way!!! no one! nothing! can stop us now!! happy grad to you my beloved seniors!!


i know that you! SENIOR JUAN CARLO CARLOS is reading this entry!! hi!!! and you better give me copies of our photos okey?


finally realized its a losing battle with you. and you win. by a landslide. you win...


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