welcome to my dinner

im totally milking this only child shit here. since my sibs aren't here yet, i am lavishing away with the food and company of my parents... ahahaha!!

tonight we go fiesta in la mexicana!!!
my dad bought me this huge taco, when i say huge i mean huge!! its equal to like 3 tacos, and as much as i would like to finish it i really can't. mi estomago es full!! ahaha!! i forgot the spanish for full. Well, my mom finished it off for me.

The parentals are having this late night craving since they started watching jumong on dvd. The last time I was here, they were eating cookies, then biscuits, then sweet corn. I was away for a week and when I cam eback, they’re still pigging out, last last night it was papaya, last night it was ice cream, now its corn again!! Since the day I announced im graduating, they’ve been pseudo-celebrating. Especially mi papi! he's so happy!! the ANDRADE CURSE is over BABY!! WAY OVER!!!


guys stop believing in shits like, graduating students should nnot go party because we're closer to death shit! its not real... stop believing in this shit and start trusting God!

off to baguio!!!
and welcome the beach!


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