POP! goes my Heart!!

i said wasnt gonna lose my head,
but then POP!
goes my heart
pop! goes my heart!!

was so elated everytime i see the video of this song on MTV. its one of the song from the movie Music and Lyrics, which i havent even watched yet. the video is so funny, i tried to capture it but managed to take only 28 pictures.
the video shows the POP group singing POP! Goes my Heart. showcasing Hugh Grant looking as an 80's pop idol complete with the mullet and the eighties get up!!! ahahaha!!! even the theme of the whole video!


i recently got my hair straightened but after much thinking i realized that i wont be able to go to the beach because my hair would get very dry and unmanageable when i set off to the beach and swim. then i said to myself! to hell with my hair! i wont let it crap up my summer! after graduation im not gonna care anymore! im going to the beach, swim and party!


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