ass kicking mania

i thought this week would be one hell of a vacation, instead, i'll be worrying about a lot of stuff and review a lot of things. first off, i left pretty much 3/4's of my ethics notes in manila, so i don't have anyone to blame but my stupid ol' self. second, i don't know what we'll be tested on in taxation, since i really didn't understand much of his teachings, third, we still have to pass a radio chuva for broadjrn, and that's 50% of the prelims! what the hell is that?! you give a 100 points item exam and that's only half?! wtf!

i just wanna beat some one up! come on! give me one full day of beating some one up, without getting jailed or anything please!!!

if i'd be president, i'll make a "beat-someone-up-for-one-whole-day-no-strings-attached" holiday. wouldn't you love it?

i wish christmas' here now!


pretty much messed up sir candids test.


pretty much destroyed my career for passing an even-lower-than-mediocre-article to sir vic.


pretty much gave myself disaster for forgetting my notes!


yeah that's about it.


one a lighter note... (again)

mom and i went shopping earlier. got a new bag and yellow flip flops, my blue one's in icu, and my pink one died on me.

that's about the lightest note you will hear from me. or in your case read from me.


i've said earlier that i will support the tigers in their quest to fight for the uaap crown. now let me retract myself.

i will no longer support the ust growling tigers basketball men. since their embarassing defeat against the ateneo blue eagles, with a double digit advance. i was still willing to support them when they got beaten by nu. but my Gawd! that was the worst display of action i ever saw!!! (parang ang galing kong magbasketball ah!) but they played as if they lacked the will to play. in n.u.'s case, i hardly saw anyone jumped and grabbed the rebound with Bono! come on! it's like, they're afraid bono might crush them.

hay, i wish i have school spirit.


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