currently im looking for a good haircut for my hair and a uploading a song and watching jumong on dvd.

this is how mundane my life. still without a job and still not looking. greeeeaaaattttt... but dont worry, i'll find a job sooner than you think. whatever. i'm really running out of things to say and do. my dad had issued a gag order on me, so i won't be able to give you the details and random chorvas that's been happening here in gapo, specifically gapo politics. which is so much juicier than a hollywood-paris hilton-scandal. uuuuuuhhhhh....



more and more im seeing myself being my dad. i think i will be just like my dad when i grew a little older. actually i am like my dad, only he's more cynical, more sarcastic and less critical.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh im freaking bored!!


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