its so tiring the way politicians use the usual drama in order to get publicity. as we all know, chavit singson used the hostage taking earlier to "persuade" us, pinoy voters to consider him, as a senator of this forsaken country. our one vote. should we bestow upon him the power and honor of being one of the senate leader of this country?

can anyone answer me?

are we to be fooled again by this masquerade of sorts? or are we to learn the difference between reel life to real life?

i really symphatized with the kids, but the way i saw them, waving and flailing their arms, and smiling at the people... well i couldn't really blame them, i mean hey, they knew the guy, according to the people, he's a genuine all around st. nick, who just got frustrated with the way things are going in this country. i think if i ever get that hopelessness in me, i might hostage someone or better yet kill someone. (its a joke)

oh yeah i forgot! another way for jay leno to bash us into fucking pieces! hell yeah!!! the Philippines suck!! kudos to jay leno!!!

right! i'll kick his cone shaped face if i get the chance! yeah the Philippines is next in line to destruction, yeah, we're rotten, yeah we're corrupt, but we don't need your synical criticism and satirical humour to humiliate us over and over again...

oh i nearly forgot, the kids are in peril and the uzis in the background were smiling to the camera, waving their hands as if they're enjoying a nice shooting of another robin padilla movie...
instead of praying, you're all there enjoying the show....



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