a weed is technically a useless plant. it does not add to the beautification of the garden, it prevents flowers from blooming, it takes up useful space in the field.

a person can be a weed to. useless, taking up space and he can prevent you from blossoming.

i recently weeded out friends again. unlike issai, im not the type who'd rather suffer or should i say be a martyr for the rest of my life being friends with a person just because we spent like a year being friends. i am sentimental mind you, but if all those time, that so-called friend kept dragging and dragging me to the abyss and there are more cons rather pros in our relationship, its not worth it... a year or maybe a month of friendship is enough for me, but to continue being friends with that kind of person, its a nightmare!

a friend is someone who makes you feel you. who share laughter and pain but will continue being there with you. be contented with who you are, having afeeling that your a kid and no matter how gross or stupid you look, you know you're still accepted and loved. that is a friend.

not a person worrying about if i look good so we could complement each other. talking about totally nonsensical things, about shits and stuff. i like talking about nonsensical things but not to the extent that, that's the deepest we can ever converse. that is shit and lame.

and weeding out friends is a healthy exercise. i may not have a lot of friends but i have a tight social circle that i can goof off, laugh, be loud and insane and still feel accepted.

i'd rather have a few close and trusted friends than having a lot of superficial friends.


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