politiks. lee. leave.

philippine politics is really unnerving. i just heard on the news that the unity party (the admin party) was having qualms about their campaign budget, the unfair and unjust division of budget for each candidate is irking Cesar Montano and the other one. (forgive me for i forgot your name, i have yet to know the whole unity line-up, for up until now i am not sure who will fill the remaining 9 slots on my ballot)

how can we expect a good governance and organized senate if in this senatorial campaign where we scrutinize who could lead us to the future are having political dispute over a budget?? huh?


my good friend lee also known as remus kakashi is having a problem, (i dunno if its a she or a he, but most definitely a fe-male) because a dumbass is sending out derogative and destructing messages to lee's friends stating that he is in fact a "professional gay prostitute" wtf?! as if!!! lee? a gay prostitute? lee a prostitute? lee a professional sexer? whattafuck?!

we know lee better than this jiss-shit so we wont believe it.


i'll be in baguio tomorrow till the 21st then i'll be in manila in the 23rd till the 24th. si i think i wont be back here till sunday. 25th.




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