the perils of loving a friend

im not in the mood to talk right now. im online but my ym is in invi. im dead tired from the travels and waiting for the fucking toga. never get to spend the day with my friends, jas was on the job, pam's on her mansion. the rest was in their own endeavors. was pissed off earlier. really pissed off by the site of shitsheads. i really wanna kick their fucking arses off! shit. word diarrhea. gonna gargle me some milk....

now, well spent the day with this guy Juan Carlo or should i say spent almost all the day with him. as usual, was teasing him to mads and maje. semi teased him to danna, when we saw her walking towards the ab bldg. from what i've gathered, they're really avoiding each other. from all the same reasons. the heart.

wow. i've down that nasty road before, and it never did me any good. it fucked me up actually. it ruined a pretty darn friendship. it ruined 5 years of unadulterated fun friendship. before the bull started, i thought it really is possible for a guy and a girl to best friends without the malice. but alas! all good things must come to an end. on my end of the rope, i fell in love with him... its actually hard not to. being there with you 24/7. knowing your bad and good side. accepted you through the best and the worst stages of your lives. who can top that?! besides they don't spill, they're not melodramatic, they tell you the whole truth and nothing but! and more! they're a great movie company, well for me. i never liked romance-comedy shits im more of an action-comedy or thriller or suspense even horror! (so the date where you take me to a horror movie and when i get scared i suddenly grab a hold of you, aint gonna happen...)

anyway, that pretty much what happened to me, as far as i know, he liked me too, but got scared, we tried to save the friendship by putting it on the DL but, sad to say, it didn't work. i don't work that way. well it's a less dramatic to what happened between them. well not my problem.

whatever. im not really nosy.

grad is on monday.

holy monday. God Bless us ALL!!!



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