solemn investiture


Graduate of JOURNALISM!!

much thanks to mam ching and kuya bubot for opening and extending their house and car to us, (coding ung car namin) and to the rest of the delos Reyes clan. we stayed there sunday night till monday morning.

sta. ana, manila. i wasn't able to get enough sleep there. actually i didnt sleep at all, the drunkards kept shouting and yelling curses at each other, aside from the fact that my classmates kept texting me till 3 in the morning. woke up around 5 and started barraging mg father to wake up.

i didn't have anyone to do my hair and make up for me so i "made up myself". my friends say i did a pretty good job of putting on my make up though i lack the experience of putting colorful gunk on my face. my hair was pretty ordinary. i had it straightened so it was low maintenance, i didn't even comb my hair i just put on some hair pins and that's it. im good to go

my dress was actually a long gown, before i decided to cut the skirt so it would look like a dress. my shoes are burning right now because they stopped blood circulation on my feet during the grad.

arrived early. being an o.c. im entitled to go there early, i hate being late. saw mj first took lotsa pix with her then carlo. while constantly texting jas and pas of their whereabouts.

yeah. i cried. who wouldn't. its the end of ust for me. i love ust. i love being in their. you know when you're inside the ust campus it feels so safe and secure. and you feel that you can never go wrong no matter what.

i knew i made the right chose when i enrolled.

pix from grad. i dont have much because i forgot to bring my cam with me. i only got it halfway thru the program

proud moment

early birds
yog\j and i
with issai


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