after the storm is a bus of reality

The storm Milenyo caught me off guard. i had no food, no water, and no battery. the last two days was as good as an experience for me, if i ever decide on joining survivor. which will not happen.

no carinderia was open, not even mcdo or kfc, ministop ran out of supply and aquasafe ran out of water. i am seriously in bad mood because, the only time i was able to take a bath was thursday and i ran out of water.

we watched as the entire españa street was completely submerged in knee deep flood water meeting with the flood water coming from dapitan and p.noval. ust was an island, a very deserted island. trees falling apart, light post tumbling down, the whole sampaloc area (as my eyes can see) was a calamity.

our apartment is on the 3rd floor, but that didn't stop the rain to force itself inside the building and flooded the place.

the scariest part of the whole storm was when two steel yero was flying so close to our window that all 3 of us screamed. our clothesline was nearly ripped off, and the tent and the mini cafeteria in beato was tossed like salads.

candles were scarce, just like the uaap game 2 tickets, power was out, food. no food.

all in all i was a disaster. so as soon as i learned that the peta play we were supposed to watch was cancelled, i immediately grabbed my bag, and my jacket and went home. i don't care if i left my bed a mess, i don't care if i forgot alot of things, all i care about is me getting home to my mom and dad, with water and food and adequate shelter.

for that two days, i immersed myself with Ayn Rand's philosophy of the Self. in which yourself comes first before others. i had no choice. it's survival and sanity at stake.

but back in the bus, i realized something. that i'm still lucky, lying in my comfy bed, having a functioning toilet even without water, having a solid roof on top, and having pillows and jackets and comforters to keep me warm. unlike other people who lived near the sea, and on squatter's area.

and also i realized, how dependent we have become on electricity. how powerless we are without our 21st century gadgets. how animal instinct and human ingenuity left us when technology gave us so much. how utterly pathetic we can be without life's simple luxuries, like cellphones and ipods, internet and computers. TELEVISION.


get that bird!

as any self-respecting thomasian, would post something about the uaap game 1 finals on the basketball team.

ergo, this post

coaches and plays.

that one second shot was the best coaching any uaap coach has given. i must say, Normal Black did a good job. (no, not doug kramer, i won't patronize him) that was one heart wrenching shot. Coach Pido, for a neophyte coach in college basketball he did a good job, he surely gave the eagles a hard time.

that game was worth all the tears and shouts from any students from both teams. fantastic.

no animosity.

i like the fact that the ateneo and ust exchanged cheers before the start of the game. now, that's what i call a clean and fair fight. no animosity, no hostility. walang kanto attitude.


chris tiu and jc intal really did a good job! especially the one the commentator said about chris tiu, that everytime he falls, the whole crowd goes quiet as they waited if the beautiful face of tiu is harmed or not! ahahaha!!

i sure wish ust win, for jervy cruz, imagine him, putting the entire team on his shoulders and he's just a rookie. i think, jervy cruz, will give ust a lot more great moments

my bitterness.

1 sec. shot.
enuff said.


some one told me the truth

i just woke up, and as a true net addict, the first thing i booted up is my pc, next is the internet connection and my cellphone. and on my phone is a text from my superfriend issai, COMMANDING me to read her blog. and so with eyes half-closed, and a sudden mental disfunction and grumbling tummy, i subconciously read her blog. and true to issai's from it's another rant, but not just any other rant, it's an unexpected rant from a very unexpected person.

(eat some breakfast) i don't like my breakfast, it has the consistency of porridge and the taste of lugaw.

anyway, so i read it. and yes... kindda pissed, but it's not my battle so i won't fight it. besides it's a petty thing to get irk about. and it's different for her.

(eat some more) no choice, im really hungry

yesterday, mom, dad and i had our nails done, it's been a while since i had a mani, and it feels weird, having to look at your nails while typing here and seeing colors. well, not really colors just a tip. i am so boring, i don't like anything butb a french tip. boring plain jane.

(eat again) ugh... i want a cupcake

so again, there i was reading my e-mails, and viola! i chanced upon a ton of myspace email notices, from friends, to invites.

so i logged into my myspace, and yeah, i forgot the password. so i waited. and yeah, i looked on my last log in, august 2005.

and it's september 2006.

a year and a month later.

why did i even sign up to myspace? im still clueless.


this is what love is supposed to be, atleast for me: innocent, fun and happy. it finds happiness even on the smallest thing and finds comfort in each others arms, it is forever young and forgiving.


not a day goes by, without me thinking of you,
and now i found the truth behind you,
my line changes,
and now,
not a day goes by, without me wincing at the thought of you.


i receieved this text twice:

UE: expelled si bonbon custodio sa UE. binenta nya ung laro. 180k bayad ng UST. 2 all UST, admins, alumnis, ans studs, KRISTYANO LANG KAYO SA SALITA HINDI SA GAWA.

my point: how bitter. you think UST need to pay bob bon custodio to throw the game? baket sa kanya lang ba nakasalalay ang buong UE bb team? siya lang ba ang magaling? sige granted na siya ang main man nyo, so ibig sabihin, kaya lang nananalo ang UE dahil sa kanya? paano naman si marcy arellano? inutil ba ung ibang players nyo? baket? mahirap bang tanggapin na natalo kayo ng UST? ganyan ba talaga kababa ang tingin nyo sa amin? o ganyan talaga KABABA ANG PANG - UNAWA AT PAG - IISIP NYO?

hindi sa lahat ng oras at panahon, magaling kayo, bigyan nyo ng tsansa ang ibang tao. feeling nyo kayo lang ang may karapatan sa finals? baket, nakalagay na ba ang pangalang ng UE Red Warriors sa TVC ng UAAP Finals? hindi pa naman diba?

alam ko masakit matalo, pero hindi nyo kailangang manira ng ibang tao just to appease yourselves. you all have to face the fact na, talo na kayo.






things i remember

i always had it in mind when i first step foot into high school and college. it's a clean slate, a new lease on life, nobody knew me so i'll start good. but after a day or two i unconsciously change back to the way i was and when i started to change back, it's either too late or no one is taking me seriously.

you all know me as the funny biatch, comedic, frank, tactless, lively and seemed like i had no problems.

well, i do have problems and i do turn serious at times, but the case is, no one takes me seriously, if i suddenly turn the other cheek, peole laugh and says "stop, that's not you..." then what am i? how could you know? what's not me?

it's weird when people start dictating who you are and you unconsciously follow. when everyone is trying to establish their own mark on the world and you're trying to do your own, you start to wonder and follow the herd. unconsciously becoming a posse'.

sometimes you find yourself living the life dictated by your chosen field. like a stereotype artsy kid. giving off big emo vibes like "i'm not happy" or "no one understands me" crap.

don't stereotype.


time seemed to pass me by, as i look around and see people changing but me.


on love, on hate, and on glory

i always say, Love doesn't go, it only evolve into something, something ethereal, something that is a metaphor of what we really feel. it leaves traces of feelings and memories so we could remember them and find them once in a while, to enjoy it for a minute of two. that is what past Love mean to me. they could be a little nuisance sometimes that kept popping up at the most tragic time, and yet they provide you with that extra twinkle in your eyes.

hay... love... it comes and goes... when it stops nobody knows....


i really hate people claiming that they're really nice or they're this and that. pure bullshit. vanessa already heard me rant about this, but hey whattaheck? i can't very well leave you my readers hanging can't i? i know you always thirst for something that this bitch can offer.

well i heard someone, when i was walking around UST (by the way, we made it to the finals! GO USTE!) claiming that he/she is no gossip, no backstabber, no plastic. the hell! we backstab each other all the time, it's human nature! we gossip everysingle second in our entire life! and we are plastic. c'mon! be real! i mean, if we're not doing it. we're not human! you're not human! hate that... no one is so perfect that we cannot gossip. ahehehe...


i was a wreck earlier. i was watching the UE and UST battle it out for the finals and by GOD! UST WON!!!! i was crying during the last few seconds on the clock, UE got the ball, tried to shoot it for a couple of times and failed!!!! i literally screamed at the top of my lungs and jumped up and down!!!

it was close and terrifying fight. 82 - 81.


we're up against Ateneo, i know i've been saying this, but i'm gonna say it again. im so sorry chris tiu but BLOOD IS DEFINITELY THICKER THAN WATER!!!





im here at the lib. i wanted so much to blog but i can't.

i can't pour out my heart and soul while people are glancing back and forth on the monitor.

im so tired.


gossip is fun

yesterday i was out, i went to my friend sharon's house to catch up on things and to meet her new lovely baby girl. we did a lot of catching up and been talking about a lot of stuff. of course we gossiped. what's a girl to do? talk about themselves? we are no prudes here, girls gossip and it's so much fun, no matter how many times you try to deny that you don't do gossip, it will eat you up. i swear if i were the gossip fairy i would make a spell for any girl who'd deny she never or not going to gossip for her entire lifetime would eat her own tongue and cook their own brains out. gossip is a girls oldest hobby. ahahaha!!

hey men gossip too you know. guys gossip as much as any girl. what do you supposed they do on boys night out? drink beer and get wasted without taking? definitely not! they talk about cars, sports and girls.

okay i got sidetracked here and got carried away. i just remember someone some jurassic years ago.

anyway, we were gossiping about people from high school from elementary, college and of course, things that passed me by when i was in manila rattling my brains out to study shits i know i'm gonna forget as soon as i get my diploma.

also saw jeantle there with her better half, saw ate frances, jeantz mom, and ate amy, and sara, sharon's mom and sister. i was surprised they didn't forget who i was, it's been ages since, i last went to their house.

it's a good thing sharon's home schooling, with her child and all, atleast she kept studying unlike people i know who got pregnant and decided to stop studying once and for all. she was demanding me of lending her my "prized collection" of (whatever laugh all you want) tagalog pocketbooks. because she nothing better to do, watching, her child, feeding her, this and that, but babies sleep all day, so what is she gonna do when her child is asleep? watch the ceiling and hope for world peace? i don't think so. so i'm gonna lend her my pocketbooks.

it's weird in a way because i read tons of tagalog pocketbooks but i never seemed to learn any tagalog words, remember the last entry about sangkalan? yeah, i am dumb.

so i think the rest of this entry will fill my live journal because my dad is starting to nag.

the rest is there, if i feel like typing later. if not, it's stuck in my head. later!


i hate sho for posting that picture of us on the stairs i look so horrible!


walking bruise magnet

alas! i am here, at home alone and bored. mom and dad left me again, mom went to sta. cruz dad went somewhere, and i am stuck here, but im gonna go later, gonna visit my friend sharon. oh well, i have enough food.


i am sore all over, i fell on the ice skating rink and on the jeepney, so my whole upper body is so sore, muscle aches all over... i can barely move my right arm which i used to anchor my fall on the rink, which caught a big purple bruise that looked like the island of palawan. seriously... i just got the bruise on my leg healed and now this... am i walking bruise magnet? and when i fall off the jeep, my whole tailbone down to my ass is aching, but total rest and being bedridden for a whole day cured it, though i could still feel little aches when i move.

but nonetheless i feel fine.

yesterday was my aunt's birthday, we had tons of food and up to now im still full, my cousin's bf went over here and bought the new cake advertised by Red Ribbon, so deliciously divine and yet so sickly sweet. uhm... i wish i could eat some more but my throat and tonsil's are so sore from all the sweet that i have to drink a gallon of water to calm my nerves.. ahahaha...

i even got a sugar overdose that after a while i fell asleep and became dizzy. ahahaha! too much food consumption, okoy and cake do not go together. remember that.


my cam whoring days are back! we finally have the replacement of my camera!!! ahahaha!! so pleased! it's in blue too...


waaahhh!! my mom and dad got hooked on playing gameboy advance that i didn't have the chance to play 'em last night till this morning... and when they gave it to me, i have to charge it. waaahh!!!




i have been sleepy as hell would want it. i am so dead tired of the things that's been happening around me. i've been staying at my parents room for the two days i've been here, sleeping, eating, watching t.v., sleeping and sleeping and sleeping... my mom was half mad and half worried, she said she didn't had a chance to clean their room and was worried because i've been so sleepy lately, even in church.

i think this last two months would really burn a hole on my head and my wallet. too much work, toomuchtoomuchtoomuchtoomuch! come sembreak i'll probably work and not rest, need to earn money and of course practice my journalistic and broadcasting skill...

i had an e-mail before from max lifestyle, and i think i'll probably work there as a free lance writer, i'll pass a resume' at GMA, Summit Media (eventhough they crushed my dreams of workign there for ojt), STV-6, even radio stations i'll pass some... i hope the docu drama we're working on will win, so if ever, i have something to brag about on my resume'... hahaha...

speaking of resume' i think mine sucked last summer for ojt, specially the pictures... blech! i looked like a sauteed lobster with too much oil and butter.


mom's making me do her "poster"... hey what the heck! i'll do it! i love my mom!


GO USTE!!! 5-peat! come on! TOP THAT!



A big farewell to the CROCODILE HUNTER

i know this is so late but still want to thank the man who dedicated his life in saving and protecting misinterpreted reptiles...


Mother Nature lost a great fighter for animal rights and freedom. The Aussie prime minister was right; Australia lost one of her greatest son…

Steve Irwin changed how the world viewed and perceived reptiles, and as he passed away, all his beloved reptiles are weeping in solitude and salute to a great man.

In honor of Steve Irwin,
who died, doing what he loved,
seeing nature at its finest,
and being with animals,
which he regarded as family…

If I could wrestle a crocodile or an anaconda I would, as a SALUTE AND A BIG FAREWELL

I’m sure St. Peter wouldn’t mind hiding his rooster for a while, because I know that you would throw a shindig with your mighty crocs up there in heaven!


of bruises and pains

it's hard to hear all the backstabbing and dirt that's been dugged up on your shityard. especially coming from people close to your heart. it's a general thing i presume. it's a natural occurence among friends, families and other animals. people are saying they're not be-traitors, but at the end of the day, you would simply hear them slowly impaling you. crushing your vertebrae and tangling and snipping your nerves as if there is no tomorrow. and when tomorrow comes, they'll be succulently sweet that it's getting hard for you to swallow them. and after that, another emotional draught is coming.

why not just quit and let go of other people? because we can't. we can never live alone, we will always stay with our "friends" or "families" no matter how poisonous they are, or how sick you feel of them. they will never leave and you will never leave them.

ladies and gentlemen,
this is the cycle of life.
this is the real world.
you can never trust another person,
you can never share another secret.

this is you and me...
this is the world we live in.

fear it.
love it.
embrace it.

there is no escape.


another post-birthday partum

new acquisition!!! just bought it for Php 284!! BARGAIN!!!

my brother bought it for me, for my birthday, i was having a hard time choosing between OF Lovers and other Demons by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Haruki Murakami's Sputnik Sweetheart... and the big winner is........

it's been awhile since i've been engrossed with such a good book, and honestly after reading 3 chapters i can't put it down, i've read the Wind-up Bird Chronicles and got hooked on haruki. im planning to buy Haruki's full collection in it's original paperback cover, because i saw, a new version of the Norwegian Wood paperback, and didn't like it. i like the simplicity of white. hahaha!! also saw, a new version of the paperback cover of Gabriel Garcia Marquez' of Love and other demons, it's Php 50 less, but i'd rather buy the original and more expensive one, even if i'll be broke for months.

this Haruki Murakami book, made me see myself again.

i was lost. this book made me see myself again.

back when i was known as JULIE, not Julai, not dude, girl or martin luther king jr. just julie. the Julie who saves up her money just to buy a new book, the julie who starves herself in school to buy a new book, the julie who would tread the scorching heat without an umbrella, just to get to the nearest bookstore...

that was me... i didn't care much about the world, i couldn't care less about fashion or t.v. or whatever. i think i would crawl back into that hole and be that again. be Julie again.

besides, it would help me in polishing up my vocabulary again.