seminar 2 - pictionary

as promised here are the pics on the last seminar i went. it was as star studded as a hollywood premiere, but not the actor-tinseltown like starts. the people here are the stars of our creative learning. not many may share my passion and excitement, but nonetheless i love it.

books galore!
F. Sionil Jose


other pix available here: my multiply



well, sir satoquia and sir galan switched classes, and no one was the wiser, so im stuck here for 1 1/2 hour trying my best not think of the time.

earlier when i was waiting for my next class, i sat down on the stairs and stared at shoes from anonymous feet. categorized them in my mind and draw up conclusions...

there are only two kinds of shoes being worn in ab. flats and heels.

heels may it be stilleto, kitten, wedge or the regular inch high.

and flats.

two types. pointed and circular/square.


i don't know why im typing this crap...

im prolly wasting time here. and rot.



saturday was the best. though not a lot of people share my happiness, it was all fun. met my favorite writer, novelist, and all around creative writing guru, F. SIONIL JOSE! had a chance to take a pix with him!!! to some people we looked like a granddaughter-grandfather tandem. ahahaha!! met another national artist Bienvenido Lumbera, the witty Ambeth Ocampo, and the funnyman Vim Nadera. also met, Eugenia Apostol, Jun Cruz - Reyes and a lot more.

thoroughly enjoyed a free seminar with all the great writers of our time. if i'd known that F. Sionil Jose's gonna be there, i would've brought my book of him and have it signed. sigh... NIck Joaquin is dead. never had a chance to meet him.

well photos will be uploaded soon!!!!


adik ako d2!!! regaluhan nyo naman ako kahit 1 lang!!!


okey. whatever happened to me this past few days... i can't remember.. well i do, atleast bits and pieces of it.

well, 'twas jas' birthday last november 21... happy inuman!!!! drank 3 red horse and 2 gin. was surprised that i never got drunk. well i actually shared the alcholo with 4 persons...


realized i have a crush on 10. not the love kind, just a simple crush. im not missing him, but when we're together im fine. im not lovesick. more like contented. i think im more inlove with his brain.


arguing with a stupid person is useless.


the future is inevitable. never will i stop time.


people should own up to their actions.


i gotta stop using 1 liners here.


if i were to award the best music video 2006, i would give it to OK GO, for the song and video HEREITGOESAGAIN. the video is pure genuis. who knew that dancing and jumping and strategic position on treadmills would captivate you? render you stale and emotionless, staring and ogling, like a monkey salivating....


another ....

my body is clearly not made for walking under the blistering sun. in less than 15 minutes im seeing dancing suns and having a temper uprising to more than 100 degrees.

don't tell me to sweat it out.


the weather is really bizzarre. -Ber months used to be cold if not atleast cooler than the rest of the year, but thanks to global warming, we're not getting any cooler. bless the people who went to baguio for they are having a winter wonderland of sorts.



things are starting to blur for me. i don't even know if i have direction the day after graduation. i've been idealistic for the past 8 years of my life, planning ahead with certainty that i can achieve whatever it is that i plan to do and forego with it.

now the dark cloud of hopelessness is looming. slowly creeping in and making run for my life. i want to rewind my life in the past 10 years and live again as a ten year old. careless and free. enjoying youth and not worrying about the future. i wish i could rewind my life, because i always wanted to grow up. grow up so fast so i could get a nightlife. get a lovelife, get a grown up life. and not wanting to be treated like a kid. i wish i knew better.